Data-driven innovations for education

Eduphoric helps imagine and create digital products that improve how we teach and learn. We help you use data in smarter ways to build modern applications and impactful insights.

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What We Offer

Our experienced team of leaders, designers, product managers and developers have built dozens of successful ed-tech products. We can turn your napkin sketch into reality.

Product Discovery

We get to know you and your education vision. Together we chart a path.

  • The data to consider, impacts we need to measure, and success criteria.
  • Hand-crafted designs, using prototypes and user research to triangulate on the right solution.
  • Technology architecture, development roadmaps, and rollout timelines.

Data Engineering

Build a secure, single source of truth for student and school performance to accelerate time to actionable insights

  • Synthesize across SIS, LMS, Assessments, and more. Gather from on premise, cloud, spreadsheets, and custom databases.
  • Use traditional techniques like ETL and data warehouses, complemented by recent advances in data science and machine learning.
  • Leverage our big investments in revolutionary interoperability platforms like Ed-Fi


An integrated ensemble of designers, analysts, and software engineers knows how to ship products.

  • We code custom apps with modern, technology stacks using security and scalability best practices.
  • We build interactive dashboards and reports - or integrate with tools so you can build your own.
  • We deliver insights directly to your inbox with Google Sheets, online Excel, or secured file repositories for spreadsheets.

Our Projects and Partners